The Case for Small Government

A Libertarian Perspective on Economic and Social Policy

March 29, 2006

The Takings Clause

The takings clause of the 5th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states, in part,

Nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.

Much debate addresses the phrase “public use.” In Kelo v. New London, CT, the Supreme Court held that economic development constitutes public use even if a private developer receives the “taken” property. A new case just getting started pushes public use even farther. As Edward Herlihy explains in the Wall Street Journal, the village of North Hills, Long Island, wants to condemn a private golf course in order to replace it with—you guessed it—a “public” golf course.

These cases seem to stretch the concept of public use so far as to make it meaningless. Providing a clean definition, however, is not trivial. So consider the other key phrase in the takings clause, “just compensation.”

One definition is the price at which the property in question would sell on the open market.

An alternative is “willingness-to-sell,” the minimum price at which a property owner would sell voluntarily. Willingness-to-sell can exceed market price. For example, an elderly couple might attach sentimental value to staying in their home.

Willingness-to-sell is the preferable concept from the perspective of economic efficiency. If government forces property owners to sell at a lower price, this imposes a loss that is relevant to calculating whether a government project is desirable.

Current practice in eminent domain cases, however, uses market price as just compensation. That is why situations like New London arise. Government offers the market price, and many property owners sell. A few hold out, however, so the government then uses its eminent domain powers.

What if governments used willingness-to-sell as the measure of just compensation?. Assume for the moment sellers honestly state their true willingness-to-sell.

Under this assumption, the takings clause is irrelevant. The government does not need eminent domain powers to conduct voluntary transactions with property owners.

The problem is that owners might try to “hold up” governments by stating ridiculous willingness-to-sell prices. Whether this problem is serious in practice, however, is not clear.

If property owners overstate their willingness-to-sell, they risk blocking transactions entirely. In that case, they gain nothing. Indeed, rational property owners will overstate only to the point where the government project still occurs. Overstatement therefore transfers wealth to the property owners, but it does not reduce efficiency. In practice, some owners might hold out for ridiculous amounts, in which case some valuable projects would not occur. But the magnitude of this loss might be modest.

The ideal way to apply the takings clause is thus not obvious. My hunch is that using willingness-to-sell as the measure of just compensation would improve resource allocation on average. In the absence of evidence examining this approach, however, it is difficult to know for sure.


At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not use dominant assurance contracts?

At 3:19 AM, Blogger James said...

Why is government purchase treated as a special case anyway? If Smith wants to buy Jones' land, Jones can try to estimate the most Smith would pay and insist that he is unwilling to sell for less. No one loses much sleep over that. But when it's the government wanting to acquire Jones' land, people get excited that Jones might estimate the maximum that the government would pay and refuse to sell for less. Why? Is the government entitled to some special consideration beyond what Smith is entitled to?

At 7:30 AM, Blogger Mike Huben said...

By focussing only on a simplistic model of economic efficiency, you representing justice as economic efficiency.

By focussing only on willingness to sell, you neglect to notice that others might have much willingness to buy but lack the money or organization to do so. Justice is not served then even by your simplistic economic efficiency model.

If willingness to sell were adopted as a standard, it would create a perverse incentive for non-productive speculation in possible takings. Because the average price for takings would increase (including those for legitimate economic development, such as infrastructure), we'd expect less development. Justice may not be served by slowing economic development or preventing important infrastructure.

Another overlooked factor in justice of takings is the fact that government enables property to have the high values it does through a combination of protection of the property from invaders, cheats, and thieves AND by creation of valuable community infrastructure such as roads, schools, water supplies, etc. Without those, the value would be considerably less. Should government then get a break in price that private parties (who generally don't do those things) shouldn't get?

At 8:04 AM, Blogger Brian said...

"Why is government purchase treated as a special case anyway?"

James hit it on the head. Eminent domain is just not necessary. If a mutually agreeable deal can't be made it can't be made.

At 8:51 AM, Blogger Chris said...

"By focussing only on willingness to sell, you neglect to notice that others might have much willingness to buy but lack the money or organization to do so."

This is absurd. Ability to pay is never taken into account in voluntary exchanges or cost-benefit analyses. Just because it is "believed" that government is providing some public good (social benefits) does not make forced takings legitimate.

Also, following your logic, then no one will ever be fully able to afford any "necessary" items in their lives -- so we subsidize to create "justice".

Additionally, you assume that the average price for takings would increase. I doubt it. With all of these lawsuits coming at the public expense, they might very well be cheaper and more equitable -- especially since these takings usually fall on the poor, minority, and elderly.

There is no reason to expect less development.

You also assume that governmental economic development is somehow more valuable to citizens. That is questionable. Again, just because the government is in the game of economic development(which it shouldn't be) does not mean that all actions produce positive net benefits.

"Another overlooked factor in justice of takings is the fact that government enables property to have the high values it does through a combination of protection of the property from invaders, cheats, and thieves AND by creation of valuable community infrastructure such as roads, schools, water supplies, etc. Without those, the value would be considerably less."

I am not sure how that legitimizes theft.

Now, you do have problems in the overstatement of willingness to sell. But it creates an incentive for governments to be more efficient in their actions of developing infrastructure. Additionally, it might be a better mark for truly measuring the social benefits and social costs associated with further development (something that's rarely done responsibly). Lastly, these overstatements will tend to be corrected in the Long Run.

Yes, the long run... that thing that Keynes died and left us with.

At 9:45 AM, Blogger James said...

I disagree with huben's analysis for all of the reasons already mentioned, plus one. When a libertarian invokes justice to support libertarianism, huben appeals to some sort of moral skepticism in order to deny the applicability of justice concerns. When a libertarian appeals to efficiency, mike's response is based on justice. Well, this does prove something, namely, that by borrowing foundational assumptions from various philosophical views as they become convenient and subsequently discharging those assumptions, one can make a case for a nonlibertarian policy. So what? By making and immediately discharging one's assumptions as though they were taxicabs, one can make a case for or against nearly anything.

At 5:07 PM, Blogger Mike Huben said...

Chris: "Ability to pay is never taken into account in voluntary exchanges or cost-benefit analyses."

But of course it is often taken into account in government policy, including when there are cost-benefit analyses of that policy. Obvious examples include public health measures. And there are also public goods situations where voluntary exchanges won't take place at an economically efficient level without provision by government.

James: "When a libertarian invokes justice to support libertarianism, huben appeals to some sort of moral skepticism in order to deny the applicability of justice concerns."

Not at all: I point to the FACT that numerous other people hold other conceptions of justice than the libertarian ones. That's not skepticism: it's common knowledge that libertarians often ignore.

"When a libertarian appeals to efficiency, mike's response is based on justice."

You are putting the cart before the horse here. The subject of this post is "just compensation": if that doesn't involve justice, I don't know what does. And it is patently obvious that efficiency by any common definition is not the same as justice.

At 9:51 AM, Blogger James said...

mh: "I point to the FACT that numerous other people hold other conceptions of justice than the libertarian ones. That's not skepticism: it's common knowledge that libertarians often ignore."

Beliefs about justice vary, but that doesn't undermine claims about what is just. Do you think justice is determined by consensus?

I don't even think libertarians ignore the diversity of beliefs about justice. If I really thought everyone already agreed with me about justice, I would see no reason to persuade them to agree with me about justice.

"You are putting the cart before the horse here."

Not hardly. Your critique of Miron's approach (which I don't entirely disagree with) has nothing to do with my claim that you appeal to normative principles only as you find them convenient.

However, I wonder if you would find this argument persuasive: Beliefs about justice vary, so your claims about justice are wrong.

At 1:06 PM, Blogger Chris Hibbert said...

Seems to me that one big difference between willingness-to-pay and market-price is that those unwilling to sell have a veto in the former case. Those in favor of eminent domain have already decided that their project is important enough that no individual owner who doesn't want to ever give up "daddy's house" is important enough to block the project. In order to go with the willingness-to-pay standard, you have to decide up front that you may have to choose a different location for your project if you can't get willing cooperation from a big enough set of owners at your preferred location.

At 6:18 PM, Blogger Ananda said...

It's a bit simplistic to say that current practice involves paying market price. A friend of a co-worker of mine had his property condemned because the state government wanted to build a new highway spur through it. They offered market price. When he saw the offer, he said, "I could get ten times this amount on the open market! This isn't market price!"

The bureaucrat's reply? "Not if it has a freeway running through it!"

Moral of the story: market price depends on whether the taking itself is factored in.

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